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Once an offer to rent has been accepted on behalf of a landlord, subject to satisfactory references, a deposit of one week's rent (subject to a minimum of 150) is paid by the tenant*. This amount will eventually form part of the first month's rent. However, should the tenant* withdraw after paying this deposit a charge will be made for our time, dependant on how far the application has been processed. PLEASE NOTE. At the time of making your application, in order for us to comply with Right to Rent legislation, each tenant*, guarantor or anyone over the age of 18 years old who will be occupying the property, will be required to attend in person at our office between Monday and Friday with their passport or other acceptable documents as shown on the attached Guide to Global References. The application will not be able to proceed without this.


We utilise the services of various referencing agencies, the cost of which the tenant*/guarantor is liable for. The fee payable to the referencing agency is non-refundable irrespective as to whether or not the letting proceeds. . The cost of referencing is presently 31.20 inclusive of VAT per tenant* / guarantor. This may be subject to change depending on the referencing agency we use.

Prospective tenants agree that they will complete the referencing agencies application form and return it to John G Dean & Co. together with a signed copy of our Information for Tenants Sheet at the same time of making payment of the Intention to Rent Deposit or as soon as practically possible thereafter, but that the time scale between paying the deposit and returning the completed Tenancy Application forms will not exceed 24 hours.

The information supplied in the Tenancy Application form and resulting verified information provided by the referencing agency will be forwarded to the prospective Landlord.


A tenancy agreement will be prepared for signature by both the landlord and the tenant(s). It is a binding agreement on both parties. This document must be read and fully comprehended before signing takes place. The ingoing tenant* is liable for the cost of the tenancy agreement, presently 120 inclusive of VAT. Upon signing the agreement one month's rent must be paid in advance and 6 weeks' rent paid as a deposit in cleared funds, less the holding deposit already paid.

The majority of our tenancies are for a term of one year. Should a tenant determine the tenancy prior to the end of the first year, which constitutes a breach of contract, then it is a term of the agreement that the tenant pays the landlords reletting costs in the sum of 6% of the annual rent that the property is relet for inclusive of VAT. Furthermore, the tenant remains liable for any loss of rent incurred by the Landlord in the event of the property being unlet for any part of the term as a result of the Tenant's action.

We have had some examples in the past whereby one or more of a group of tenants wishes to leave the property prior to the end of the fixed term by means of finding a replacement/s. In this respect we would draw your attention to Clause 2.19 of the tenancy agreement, which states that you will be liable for the reasonable fees and expenses incurred by the landlord. Typically these fees equate to 3.6% of the annual rent inclusive of VAT.


The deposit is held for the duration of the tenancy against any possible dilapidations which may be incurred during the term of the tenancy. The deposit is held by us as stakeholders and is safeguarded by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.


At the commencement of the tenancy an inventory clerk will meet the tenants at the property to check the inventory and make any comments on the condition of the property and furnishings. This is done to reduce any chance of discrepancy at the termination of the tenancy and enables us to return the deposit promptly. At the end of the tenancy a check-out report is carried out whereby the condition of the property is compared to the condition at the commencement of the tenancy. The ingoing tenant* is liable for the cost of the check in which will vary depending upon the size of the property and the company we engage. As an example the charge for a two bedroom property is currently 120 inclusive of VAT.


Rent payments are due monthly in advance by single standing order payment, in accordance with the tenancy agreement. Payments must be made by single standing order payment to leave the tenants account by no later than the 27th of each month or we will levy a penalty charge of £30 inclusive of VAT each time the rent is paid by more than one payment. Furthermore a fee of 30 inclusive of VAT is charged in the event of a cheque / standing order being returned by the bank together with any interest accruing. The landlord reserves the right to charge interest (calculated from day to day) at 3% over the Bank of England base rate on payments which are 14 days or more overdue, interest will be charged from the due day and the landlord may recover the interest as though it were rent.

Rent is accepted from the TENANT only. No third party payments will be accepted.


All prospective tenants are required to attend at our office with the original of their Passport or Identity Card together with the original of either a Bank Statement or Utility Bill showing their name and address which we will copy and return in order to comply with legislation.

* 'Tenant' means either a single tenant, a group of tenants or a family who propose to live in the accommodation together.